Invitados internacionales

Invitados internacionales

Invitados internacionales


Prof. Teodoro Miano

Laurea in Scienze Agrarie (1984). Professional Agronomist (1984).
Fellowships and research periods abroad: Univ. Bayreuth, Germania (1986); Univ. California, Riverside, U.S.A. (1987); Univ. Berna, Svizzera (1992, 1994); NIVA, Oslo (1993); Univ. Georgia, Sapelo Island, USA (1995, 1999).
Assistant Professor, Univ. Basilicata, 1988.
Associate Professor, Univ. Bari, 1992.
Full Professor, Univ. Bari, 2001.
Head, Dept. DISSPA – UNIBA, 2011-. Coordinator and responsible of Research Projects MURST, CNR, UE, Puglia Region, private projects.

Scientific Societies: International Humic Substances Society (IHSS), Segretary, Editor Newsletter, President; International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry (ISEB), Int. Committee member; Società Italiana Scienza del Suolo (SISS), Governing Board, President Comm. II; International Union Soil Sciences (IUSS), Vice-Chair Commission 2.2 Soil Chemistry; European Geosciences Union – Soil Science Systems Division, President; Scientific Advisory Committee – CIHEAM, President; European Confederation Soil Science Societies (ECSSS), Vice President; Società Italiana di Chimica Agraria (SICA), Vice-President President Elect.

Comitato Valutazione Ricerca e Comitato Agricoltura Biologica, MIPAAF; Coordinator PhD Program in Agricultural Chemistry.

Research Project Evaluation (UE 5th FP, Univ. Padova, Nato Programs, US-Israel Bilateral Foundation, Norway Research Council, MIPAAF, CORE ORGANIC, Leap-Agri). Editor and Referee of several international journals and special issues, various Institutions.

Honorary Chair, XV Humic Science & Technology Conference, 2012;
2013 EGU Service Award.

National Habilitation Program for Professors, Component, SC 07/E1 2016-2018.

Teaching: Soil Chemistry, Pollution in the agro-forestry system, Principles of Soil Chemistry and Pedology, Environmental Chemistry. Co-editor of 9 volumes. Organizing and Scientific Committees: >60.

Main research interests: Soil organic matter and humic substances in soil, natural and industrial biomasses, waters and their interactions with pesticides, degradation products and and various metal ions. Molecular and functional characterization. Humification processes. Compost and composting. Environmental role of natural organic matter. Soil fertility and quality management. Organic agriculture. Paleo-climatic and paleo-environmental reconstruction with implications on the past anthropic activities specifically related to undisturbed ombrothropic peats.

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